Harry Potter Book 7 US + UK Cover Art

Well, it’s here. Check out the UK version as well, both in regular and adult editions over here.



Really though, why hasn’t Harry got any facial hair yet?

I’ve read all six books so far, and not once has J. K. Rowling mentioned Harry’s first shave.

It wouldn’t have made for a particularly thrilling chapter (he would have probably been interrupted by Moaning Myrtle), but it would bring a little more verisimilitude to the series (and it could really use all the verisimilitude that it can get).

Seriously though, am I the only one that thinks that the cover art on the Harry Potter books is crap?


Never thought of that, but you are right. :O

Well I don’t prefer the US and UK covers, that’s for sure. Not to brag, but I quite like the Danish ones. J.K. Rowling said this herself actually.

Here’s book 6: Link

I wanted to show the rest, but couldn’t really find them in high enough resolutions.

EDIT: Not that book 6 is the best of the bunch.


Haha! Check out the web2.0 gradient in the logo! It’s a little better, but still not that great. Not that I can do better myself of course…


I just need to ask one quiestion…….. is there any differance in the uk children and adults books? Is the content any differant of is it just the cover ????


Veronica, it’s only the covers that change. The content inside stays the same… It’s salary(wo)men can read them on trains without feeling embarrassed about reading “a kid’s book”.

It strikes me as odd that they bother having seperate covers to be honest… The series is big enough now that I’d say it would be perfectly acceptable to read the versions with the children’s covers if you’re an adult…

Having said that there will be some collectors who’ll buy both versions, so they’re making more sales I guess!

Oh dear, I’m rambling…

So, in conclusion, yes :)

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Yeah I know it’s doing that, but thanks for telling me. :-)

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That should sort it out :)


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You sir, are awesome! I’m not that good with html and css and all that, I’m more of a design freak I guess, but I hope I’ll learn.


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