Younanimous Search Engine

“Oh no, not another search engine” is probably what you say.

But do check out this nifty search engine called Younanimous.

For now you can only search the web and images, but video is coming soon according to the site. What this site does differently than your average search engine out there is basically that it lets you know how what you searched for ranks on the three major search engines out there: Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also gives you the Alexa rank for the results that appear and a Google PageRank as well and it does all this via Ajax.

I can’t help but compliment the design as well, as this site sure looks a lot better in terms of design than, say, Google. Younanimous is a bit slower, but that might simply be because it was on the Digg homepage. Personally I thought it was pretty cool, I invite everybody else to give it a try as well.


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