Somebody please send me an invite to OiNK at dennis at orgday dot org! I’ve been wanting one forever.

…like that’s gonna help…

I have one now, thanks Lono!

UPDATE: Make that Indietorrents too.



What’s OiNK then? It doesn’t say anything on the site…

(When I loaded up this page the background image didn’t load, for some reason it’s pink under there, and I thought it was a deliberate edit. I’m glad it wasn’t!)


[quote]Searchable directory of audio torrents: music albums, ebooks, and audio books. With forum and tracker.[/quote]

Apparently the best damn torrent site for music in the world. But invites are extremely hard to come by unfortunately.


Sounds cool… Although I don’t download enough music to benefit from such a service. I download very little music these days actually (I’m on a temp dial-up connection)…

Whenever I do need to download music I find that BTJunkie usually has what I need. It’s the best torrent site for music that I’ve found.


Oh ok, I can see why it wouldn’t matter to you then. Thanks for the link btw. :-)


yo tambien quiero una, seria perfecto para expandir el rizoma. c4r10_@hotmail.com

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