The Protector


This morning I saw The Protector (see previous post entitled “The Best Unedited Fight Sequence Ever”) and it literally blew me away! While I could have done without the parts of the movie where people were trying their best to speak English (the keyword being trying) the movie more than made up for it in it’s awe inspiring action scenes. Tony Jaa, who is our hero in the movie, is so talented in kicking everybody’s ass it’s just ridiculous. There’s so many memorable scenes that I’ve lost count, so that probably means I’ll have to sit down and watch it again sometime soon.

On a design note, I created the image at the top of this post from this great wallpaper. Also here’s another that I didn’t use though.

Oh, and you should also visit Tony Jaa’s unofficial fan site, especially because of the animated GIFs section. Here’s one for starters.

Kham grew up with elephants in Thailand. Elephants are majestic creatures, bred for peace, but prepared for war. When an evil Asian gang kidnapped the bull and the baby elephant during a festival and smuggled them to Sydney Australia, Kham must travel to a foreign land, and unravel a conspiracy that will reach into the highest strata of Australian law and business circles. With only his Muy Thai fighting techniques, and a disgraced Thai-descent police sergeant, he must reclaim his elephants, and his heritage… Against almost impossible odds…


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