Fourteen months ago I blogged about this video clip, where a few guys gathered a crowd of 400 people at their school and start dancing like crazy. Well this crazy dancing is actually called “jumpen” or simply jumping as I recently found out.

Why am I talking about this?

Simply because I recently heard a great song in this style. The song is called Freefall and it’s by Jeckyll & Hyde. If you watch about a minute of this clip you’ll see people doing the dance. Just like it did when I first saw it, it looks like a tremendous amount of fun!



Kan godt huske den video, hvor de danser i skolen - dig og Andreas var vist ret vilde med den hehe…
Egentlig en meget skør dans - anderledes i hvert fald ;)


Sorry here ya go: http://jumpstyle.startpagina.nl

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