The Best Unedited Fight Sequence Ever

Be prepared to be blown away. I’ll leave the explaining of what we are seeing up to Youtube user JmanFIVEk (since he does it much better than I’ll ever do). Go here to read more about the scene.

This is the most impressive fight sequence I have ever seen that contains no edits. Featuring Tony Jaa (of Ong Bak fame) this stedicam shot lasts over 3 min. I wonder how many times it took to get this shot right! Simply amazing!

After watching the behind the scenes extras on the DVD, here is some additional info that filmmakers and martial arts film fans may appreciate:

The director calls this “the most dangerous long take scene ever.” A 4 minute stedicam shot featuring a variety of martial arts.

The crew spent over 1 month preparing and choreographing before they were able to get a perfect shot. When it came time to shoot, they could only do 2 takes per day because of the set repairing and prop replacement that needed to be done. It took 5 takes to get it right.


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