A few days ago, I decided I wanted to bring back the orange color on my blog. Not that I didn’t like the previous look of my blog, but it’s only appropriate considering the name of my blog. :-)

Since I never actually talked about this I might as well take this opportunity to mention that I also recently worked on making the subpages in the about me section more interesting. More specifically my movies, my books and my music.

Before coming up with what you see now as my header image, I tried a few other things in terms of colors and style. Check ‘em out below.

Note to self: I need to have a page with all the different headers I’ve ever had on Orange Days. Actually I’m gonna go work on that right now.






Are you ever going to stop changing things around here? :)

Looking great, I look forward to next week’s redesign!


I’m looking forward to it too, I wonder what it will be like. :-P

No, seriously though, I’ll try my very best and leave it like it is… for now haha.

Oh and thanks, I quite like it too.


Godt billede ;) eller det hele ser jo godt ud :)

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