Chasing The Duclod Man

When Iowa college students began receiving anonymous letters referring to them as “duclods” and darkly alluding to their bisexuality, one recipient became obsessed with finding the sender’s identity.

This article will captivate you. Ridiculously well written and like someone said over at Digg it’s like a gay version of The Da Vinci Code. Well, that’s one way of putting it. Fascinating stuff that’s for sure.

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if you like shaving cats, try shaving crayons


Haha, very funny :-P

Erik Nevermore:

If you look around a bit, you see that this guy was aware of his own status back in 2001. There was a metafilter post that he references on his several (odd) websites.
(listed as Shaving crayons–and other suburban legends)

Incidentally, the gardening site is here:


I really enjoyed Sarah’s articles too, until I started examining them. I found no less than eleven factual problems with her article. Is “Richard” really as psychotic as he seems? What was Sarah’s motivation? I’ve outlined my findings here:

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