Bo Burnham Is Back

With such videos as My Whole Family and My “Little” Secret, Bo Burnham is already a genius in my book. Here’s a few more videos he recently uploaded.

3.14 Apple Pi

All yo little thugs wanna mess me with me?
know that ive been doin drugs since the age of 3.
I took my ceral, stabbed it open with a knife.
Snorted that shit and i got high on Life.

A Love Ballad

Her skin was saggy from her feet to her face,
I put my hand up her skirt…second base!
We made love adn the more i thrust,
the more the room was covered in dust.

The Perfect Woman

Cause Helen Keller was the perfect woman, and no one understands,
just how talented she was with her hands.
God made her the perfect woman, i was the finishing touch.
She was the perfect woman cause she didnt talk so much.

You like? Well then do yourself a favor and also check out his video called “A Day In The Life” to see what it’s like to be Bo Burnham. Hilarity ensues.



Hehe han er nu altså meget sjov og dygtig :)Hæhæ


oh my goodness i know every word to everyone of your songs and I idolize you! you are soooo funny and i love you..hope you arent gay ;) hahha


“my whole family” is a classic i’ve never laughed as hard and jus like a really good comedy it just gets funnier!!!!i have you as my flashbox on my page ur such a legend anyone that has watched it has loved it!!!your getting popular i my hometown in ireland xxx


o pior são as rimas… sem sentido …

she was the perfect woman she was a gourmet chef,
they say that love is blind, well it’s also deaf


Marcus Smith:

You are the FUNNIEST person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are completely awesome you have such a nice voice you play like…a cool person, and you’re freaking amazing!!!! I have never ever laphed so hard in my lifeZ =:)

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