ATOTD (Addictive Thing Of The Day)

So freaking addictive. Must… close… window!
UPDATE: This one is up there as well that’s for sure.

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The Time Traveller

This man claims that he has met himself in the future and to prove it he recorded himself with his mobile phone. They even have the same tatoo.
I don’t believe this, but I really want to. I seriously would like to believe that this could happen. Otherwise the world would be far too boring […]


GTA IV Trailer

Rockstar just released the GTA IV trailer. Coming October 16th, 2007.
UPDATE: 10 Things You Didn’t See.

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OiNK’s Pink Palace

This morning I woke up to a rather nice surprise. I got a freakin’ invite to (Thanks Lono!)
For the people who don’t know about this place, it’s an elite music torrent site where you can get almost any album. From what I hear from people it’s a “if you can’t find it there, […]


Harry Potter Book 7 US + UK Cover Art

Well, it’s here. Check out the UK version as well, both in regular and adult editions over here.


Younanimous Search Engine

“Oh no, not another search engine” is probably what you say.
But do check out this nifty search engine called Younanimous.
For now you can only search the web and images, but video is coming soon according to the site. What this site does differently than your average search engine out there is basically that it […]

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Redesign Of Mobile Phone

Today in school our job was to take an everyday object, look at its flaws and then go ahead and redesign it however we saw fit. I chose my good ol’ Samsung SGH-330, which has been with me for about two years.

Below is what I came up with. What I basically did was simply […]

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Somebody please send me an invite to OiNK at dennis at orgday dot org! I’ve been wanting one forever.
…like that’s gonna help…
I have one now, thanks Lono!
UPDATE: Make that Indietorrents too.


Half A Million Views

There’s one video in particular that I’ve uploaded to my Youtube profile that has gotten a lot of attention. It’s a video about Harry Potter and it was on a show called The Soup apparently (I was later informed of this). Anyway over half a million views is just pretty insane if you ask […]

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Mint Pages

About two weeks ago I applied for a membership at Mint Pages. What is Mint Pages you say? According to the site it’s “a private community for forward thinking designers and developers to engage in discussions of design and development related topics.”. Today I was informed that I’ve been accepted.
We’re glad to inform you […]

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