Design Related

I know I just talked about an interesting social website yesterday, more specifically Virb, but I must say that Design Related deserves a mention as well.

So what is it?

On their website they say that it’s “a site that focuses around social-networking, portfolios, creativity, and more for designers from every discipline“. So whereas Virb is aimed at attracting all sorts of people, Design Related is more a place for designers. Sounds very interesting in my opinion. I haven’t played around on the site that much yet, but so far I like it, especially from a designer’s point of view, I mean, the site looks gorgeous. And at this point I must say that I love that they have a section called “My Inspirations” and “My influences”. I’ll probably discover more later on.

And here’s my profile.



Because I’m an unoriginal swine, I signed up for Design Related too. Again, not done anything with it yet…

I’ll try to sort out my profiles at DR and Virb soon :)


Haha that’s alright. :-P

By the way, doing major things on your blog? Can’t access it. Or maybe it’s just me..

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