Haruhi Suzumiya & Time Traveling

Download as wallpaper. Credit goes to WhisperOfTheHeart

I love the following conversation between Asahina and Kyon, both in the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and certainly also in the novel of same name, which this is taken from. Brilliant.

We sat on a bench by the cherry blossom trees and for a long time Asahina didn’t speak. She lowered her head and muttered, “Where should I begin? I’m not good at explaining things. Maybe he won’t believe me.”

Finally she lifted her head and started talking in a slightly embarrassed tone. “I’m not from this time and age. I am a person from the future. I can’t tell you when I arrived from, or from which temporal plane. I wouldn’t be able to anyway, even if I wanted to. Conveying any information regarding the future with any person from the past is strictly forbidden - and that’s why - before boarding the time machine I had to go through stringent mental conditioning. If I intended to say anything that shouldn’t be said, my memory concerning that information would be sealed.”

Asahina took a deep breath and continued, “Unlike the water flowing in a river, every time frame is made up of different two-dimensional flat planes.”

“You lost me from the beginning.”

“Hmm, how about this, try to imagine it like a cartoon. When we’re watching a cartoon we see the characters within move seamlessly but, in fact, they’re all created from a series of still images. Similarly, time is like that, a digitized version. But if I use a series of still images as a description maybe you’ll understand better.”

“Between one time frame and another there are so-called temporal fault lines. They do exist, even though the frequency of the fault lines is near zero; so, there is no continuity between different time frames. Time traveling is the attempt to make a three-dimensional movement between the two-dimensional temporal planes. For me who has arrived from the future to this temporal plane, it is like adding an extra object, drawn onto the still image. Even if I attempted to change history in this age it would not affect the future, because there is no continuity between the time frames. Everything would stay in this temporal plane. It’s like trying to add a few words on a still image from hundreds of still images: the overall story wouldn’t be affected, right?”


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