AnimeTV Reviews Haruhi Suzumiya

Download as wallpaper. Credit goes to WhisperOfTheHeart

For any fan of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (and who isn’t?) AnimeTV’s review is so much fun to watch. Well it’s not as much a review per se, but more of an open discussion between a group of friends, which makes it all the more fun to sit and listen to. Great pick for the first episode.

Oh, and I also just started reading the novels. One word: kickass! It’s SO good, so do yourself a favor and start reading those as well, if you liked the anime that is.


Rob H:

Really cool.

I want to hang out there.


Yeah, same here. But that might be because I don’t know that many people I can talk to about stuff like that. :S


cool anime but it sucks in dub have to watch it subbed to get best effect :)


the dubs are not that bad, they were better than most of the other anime dubs.

marione dyobel francisco:

i like the design of the melancholy i like it because im a artist

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