Here’s An Update

I’ve been quite busy with school lately, but I’m hoping things will change soon. Next week is when the winter break starts for me (it’s already started for most people here in Denmark), so I’m hoping to start posting more stuff soon. For now, here’s some things I’ve been working on.

New Old Theme

I keep coming back to K2 as my theme and that’s because even though it’s overused, it’s an amazing theme. I’ll try to tweak things here and there so it doesn’t scream DEFAULT THEME! I honestly don’t think it does that that much right now, but I should have more changes soon.

In case you didn’t notice I recently put up that header you see right now on this very blog. I’m satisfied for now. Even though I know I’ll probably change something later on.

Right now I’m searching everywhere for a guide that tells me how I can change the current background to a background image. Anybody knows? I managed to do it, yay - go me!

Also I’m working hard on changing the sections I have on this site. Check out the “about” section for instance. I wasn’t really happy with how things were so I threw away the pictures and movies & tv section. Expect the movies & tv reviews to make a return soon, but the pictures section might take a bit longer. I still want a gallery down the road that’s for sure.

CSS Messages

Thanks to the fantastic famfamfam silk icons and this helpful blog post, I’m now able to recreate the below alerts whenever I want.

For when I need to spread awareness of a certain date

Spectacular link or something else that’s outstanding

Link to particularly interesting picture or wallpaper

Bigger downloads like zip/rar/exe

Standard alert message


And for no reason at all, here’s the RSS Panda, please feed him!



Nice… Those alerts look great… Mind if I nick them for my blog? It would be useful for plugin announcements and that… Maybe I could make them into a plugin of some sort… You’re putting ideas in my head!

I’ve also realised that I need to switch the background image on my blog… I didn’t see it anywhere until last week, and now I’m seeing it everywhere (including here!)

Nice work on the K2 mod too, looks real sleek…


Thanks, sure go ahead and use them. :-)

And you already made the switch I see, looks great.

And again thanks ;-)


Hey Dennis,

Thanks for that… I’ve got an idea for a little plugin that will make it easy to add these alerts into posts… Now if only I could be bothered to make any more plugins!

I actually meant switching away from the background pattern, seeing as though I’ve seen it on so many sites recently… It’s a shame because it looks really great…


Ok sounds interesting, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out on that!

Oh, I see. I can definitely see where you’re coming from, because I know that a lot of people are using it, but I find that most people use the more dark black one, and I think a light grey fits perfectly with K2, so that’s just a personal choice, regardless of popularity. ;-)

EDIT: By the way, I was wondering how you got your search field inside the header?

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