Mortal Kombat

Check out the trailer for this video game documentary. Looks very interesting.

MORAL KOMBAT is an inaugural in-depth look at the “interactive entertainment” industry as it elates to the controversial subject of violence in video games – a matter which crosses party lines and empowers over 100 pieces of anti-games and anti-gamer legislation annually.

The film takes an unprecedentedly-candid look at the hot-topic debate that pits artists’ rights and our culture’s thirst for violence and sensationalism, against our social obligation to protect the youth generation as it takes shape and, inevitably, shapes our future.



well it really is very alarming. thanks for the info :p


LOL that olny made me laugh only thing i have to say BAH only weak minds go out and do the stuff they see or do in games!!! and lets just hope we are more normals then the weak :)

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