Death Note

Light Yagami finds the “Death Note,” a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to create a Utopia by killing the world’s criminals, and soon the world’s greatest detective, “L,” is hired to find the perpetrator. An all out battle between the greatest minds on earth begins, the winner controlling the world.

I have not read the manga of same name, even though I bet almost every person out there who went to see this movie had beforehand. Maybe that’s the reason that I felt the movie lacked something. I don’t know what it is with me lately, but it’s been a while since I saw a movie and went “Wow, that was awesome”. Death Note just felt a bit mediocre to me in places although I must admit that it also had it’s interesting sides. The whole scary concept of the notebook being used to kill people and the genius vs. genius race was pretty cool. More cool on paper than in practice perhaps. Or maybe I just need to go watch it again. I’ll at the very least watch the sequel when it comes out.

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The anime series is as interesting (maybe even more so) as the movie. Have you seen it?


No, I didn’t know that an anime existed to be honest. But thanks for pointing that out - I might check it out when I have some time. :-)


could you tell me where I can download this movie????

thank you


You should read manga, it’s much more better than movies! anime is good, but IMHO manga is the best:)

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