Looking Back On 2006

What better way to look back on 2006, than to look through lists of great/terrible music, games, movies, gadgets and more that earned itself a spot on the following sites:

Google 2006 In 12 Pictures (via googlesystem.blogspot.com)

The Year In Video (via wired.com)

Photos Of The Year 2006 (via bbc.co.uk)

Top 10 Gadgets For The Filthy Rich (via scifi.com)

50 Coolest Websites (via time.com)

Top 20 Most Innovative Products Of The Year (via pcworld.com)

50 Things We Know Now (That We Didn’t Know This Time Last Year) 2006 Edition (via tbo.com)

The Best Of 2006 (via ign.com)


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