The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift

I love Japan, so therefore I love Tokyo. That was basically the main motivation for watching this movie.

Did I love it? No, not really. Did I hate it? Nope. I must say that I haven’t watched any of the Fast And Furious movies, so I didn’t really except anything. I expected too see some street racing (drifting - or as they say in Japan: dorifto) and also that it would take place in Japan and so it did. My main annoyance with the movie was that it was totally unrealistic that the main character Sean played a minor, even though the actor that portrayed him is in fact 24 year years old! I really couldn’t get past that, but that’s not actor Lucas Black’s fault. He just looks too old. All in all I must say that it was a pretty good way to kill a few hours, but definitely not a movie worth spending a lot of bucks on or anything. The movie set out to entertain, I guess, and so it did - for most of the time at least.


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