Assassin’s Creed & Other Xbox 360 Games

Assassin’s Creed just about singlehandedly made me want to get an Xbox 360 after watching this. I’ve contemplated whether to buy the damn beautiful piece of machinery for a while, but after seeing Assassin’s Creed in action I’m sold. I mean did you see those realistic movements? And that was all in-game! I know I’m not gonna buy a Wii and I can’t afford a PS3, so there you have it; all that is left is the Xbox 360 and that’s not such a bad thing. Some good-looking games have been made for the console and been released lately and I’m starting to give in.

If I had to point at just one more game that looks so good I could cry it would be Alan Wake. It’s probably my no. 1 game of the ones I’ve seen trailers for and heard about this far. It looks like a combination of some Stephen King novel, Max Payne (yay!) and Silent Hill 2 (fuck yeah!). What could go wrong?

Those two games are not all I want though. I’m also dying to eventually get to play Crysis (although it worries me that the developers said at one point that the power of the consoles aren’t powerful enough to handle the game), Gears Of War (mostly because of the hype lately, I haven’t actually seen that much of it yet) and also Tom Clancy titles (which I’ve been really into ever since the original Rainbow Six that my brother introduced to me and simply blew my mind) like Raibow Six: Vegas, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

Oh, the fun I would have if I owned an Xbox 360…


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