500 Posts On Orange Days

THANKS to all of you who visit my blog. I know 500 posts probably isn’t a whole lot compared to a lot of other blogs, but it means something to me. I set out to have 500 posts in total on this blog by the end of the year and that is something I’ve accomplished today. I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your comments, they really encourage me to keep blogging. :-)

This is how I rank today on various sites:

Alexa - #297,195

Top 100 Bloggers - #28

Technorati - #106,321

Blog Top Sites (Entertainment) - #77

Blogrank - #273

And now for some statistics to see how we’re doing. These are from since day 1, which was around 1 year and 2 months ago.


500 posts
43 categories
63 registered users
20,592 spam comments deleted


113 people subscribed to different posts
13 e-mail subscribers
40 RSS subscribers


319,23 GB
455,156 visits
1,341,794 pages
9,256,066 files
12,257,363 hits


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