Getting Spam Again

Ever since I started using Akismet hardly any spam has gotten through. But now that my API key is fucked, probably because I gave it the domain ( to someone else without thinking about this minor detail, I now get a shitload of spam! It’s my own fault, it really is and it doesn’t really bother me that I gave out the URL to someone who will make proper use of it since I stopped using a long time ago, but what really bothers me is this… I simply cannot get my newly acquired API key to work, which leaves me defenseless against all the spam that is out there just waiting for people like me. That also means that I now get to erase about 25 spam comments per hour, which is just as boring as I remember it back when I hadn’t found out about Akismet. I really hope that key works when I get home from school.

UPDATE: Thank God, it’s working again.


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