What I’m Listening To #24

I’m trying to keep these song lists shorter, but it can be difficult sometimes as there’s a lot a of songs I want everybody out there to listen to.

Daniele De Bellis - Cosa Dire Cosa Far (The Produxer Mix)

Just bought this track through Audiojelly.com and I really like it. :-)

Inez - On The Spot

Two hit singles from this Danish group in a row in my opinion. I love their other track called “Stronger”. Be sure to check that out as well, makes me damn proud to be Danish!

Basshunter - Russia Privjet (Club Mix)

A very good song from Swedish Basshunter, who most of you have probably heard of by now.

Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

The theme song for Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie.



BASSHUNTER - tak for cd’en skat <3


I know the song COSA DIRE COSA FARE, it’s very good.I listen it on www.danceria.com . The label is Bit Records . Can you try from the label web site.

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