Happy New Year Everybody!

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Nuclear Bombs And Their Strengths

Below is a graph comparing famous nuclear bombs and how they compare to each other in terms of how large the explosion were. Clearly the Tsar Bomba is a “winner”.

And here is a video of said bomb.

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MySpace - The Worst Website In The World

PC World makes the above bold (but so very true) statement.
Graphically, many MySpace pages look like a teenager’s bedroom after a tornado–a swirl of clashing backgrounds, boxes stacked inside other boxes, massive photos, and sonic disturbance. Try loading a few of those pages at once and watch what happens to your CPU. Watch out […]

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A Conversation With Stephen Colbert

Video of Stephen Colbert participating in a forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Politics. He discusses many aspects of his show, personal life, political views and his take on the 24-hour news media. It is a rare, candid and self-effacing glimpse behind the smug character he plays on the Report.

Gotta love The Colbert Report. […]

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Looking Back On 2006

What better way to look back on 2006, than to look through lists of great/terrible music, games, movies, gadgets and more that earned itself a spot on the following sites:
Google 2006 In 12 Pictures (via googlesystem.blogspot.com)
The Year In Video (via wired.com)
Photos Of The Year 2006 (via bbc.co.uk)
Top 10 Gadgets For The Filthy Rich (via […]

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Amazon UK Around Christmas

I’d hate to work at Amazon this time at year.

Click for larger version

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A Couple Of New Things

I’ve made a couple of changes to the site. I have a new header up (again!) in case anybody didn’t notice. But I’ve also added a new function whenever you go to one of my posts. In the sidebar you’ll be able to see what tags are associated with the current post, but I’m […]

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Strange Clouds

Have a look at these clouds. Some of the pictures are absolutely insane.

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Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

While the title doesn’t quite ring true (just always liked that sentence - gotta get me some Cowboy Bebop soon), it’s pretty close in describing how I’ve been feeling since I woke up yesterday. Sick as a dog! The pain in my stomach has been unbearable and it’s not just me either - it’s […]

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When Are You Coming Home?

If you watch one video today, let it be this one. 6 year old Heather Martin sings a song that her mother wrote to Heather’s brother Shaun, because he is is serving in Iraq. It’s written from Heather’s point of view by the way. If you aren’t somewhat touched by it, then you have […]


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