Yay, Lifestream Baby!

Thanks to Gunnar and all of you who offered me your help in setting up my very own Lifestream page.

From there you’ll be able to see what music I listen to, what I digg, when I update this blog and basically what I’m doing right now.

And also thanks to Chris of course, for creating this wonderful plugin.

Oh, and I know that the page doesn’t look THAT good in IE yet, but what the hell does these days anyway?



Jæh er den første til at skrive en kommentar ;)Nå men det er så dét du har prøvet at fortælle mig hvad er - og jeg prøver virkelig også at forstå det skat… Og det går da også bedre:) hehe…

Gunnar Hafdal:

No problem, glad to be of help :)

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