How Rich Are You?

According to the Global Rich List I’m in the top 14,68% richest people in the world. And I don’t even have a job! Guess I should be more grateful sometimes… how rich are you compared to the rest of the world?

When I entered the amount of money I get a year (mainly study grants) this is what the site said, which I must say I found a bit funny:

How do you feel about that? A bit richer we hope. Richer and ready to give some of your newly found wealth to those who need it most. It not hard - just slip your hand in your pocket and pull out something special. Something that can help redress the balance - and also make you feel uncommonly good. Many peoples lives could be happier if you donated just one hour’s salary (approx $1.93 - UK estimate).

Uhm, OK..


Please, Don't Be Shy