My Favorite Fonts

As a media graphics designer in the making (hopefully) I’ve started looking for fonts I really like, since that has been fascinating me lately. Let me just start off by saying that not all of these are free.

078MKSD Medium Condensed (Free)

Well, it’s my favorite font.

Bauhaus ITC Light ($22)

Recently discovered this one and I think it’s really good. I’m using it in my header right now. Serious candidate for becoming my new favorite font.

Visitor (Free)

In the humble opinion of this blogger this font kicks ass, but only if using 10 in point size, no more no less.

Proce55ing Light ($59.99)

Fell in love with it after seeing it in use here. I don’t think you can purchase the fonts individually so you’d have to pay for all of them to get this one.

Zrnic (Free)

I don’t know why, but there’s something about this font I really like.

Agency FB Light ($45)

Buying the font individually costs around $45, but buying the entire Agency FB collection with 25 fonts costs over $700!


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