For the past month or so I’ve embraced the world of Apple. I recently bought the 2nd generation iPod Nano (which I already can’t live without by the way) and I also decided to give my computer a makeover to celebrate that. That makeover was basically installing an Apple transformation pack called, yup, you guessed it, FlyakiteOSX. I’ve used Windows XP for a long time, but found the default look a tad boring and have gotten a bit tired of installing the Royale theme (great theme though: get it here!) over and over again everytime I reinstall XP for this and that reason.

Here’s how your desktop will look after installing FlyakiteOSX.

And let me tell you, after installing I couldn’t be happier. How refreshing! And it’s not just a theme, you get everything from OSX, cursors, icons, fonts, sounds.. everything! The entire Apple look and feel in one convenient package. But I have (or should I say had?) a gripe with it. The single application by Apple out there, which is known by most people, yes I’m talking about iTunes, simply DID NOT work. How ironic? The number one software out there that should work the best in an Apple environment (I know it was only a transformation pack, but still) was causing the most amount of problems. Enough so that I just uninstalled it moment ago. The problem was that my iPod simply wouldn’t sync properly after installing FlyakiteOSX. But I hope to one day return, because my overall final impression is a very good one and being back to the default XP look just saddens me.


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