What I’m Listening To #22

Galaxy 68 - DJ Play My Song (Radio Edit)

These guys are either from Sweden or Norway I think, but either way I think this song is really nice. I especially like this part:

‘Cause nothing really matters when we’re dancing

Bloom 06 - In The City

Remember Eiffel 65? “I’m Blue. Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die” anyone? Well apparently this is their new project and the first single is called “In The City”.

Melody Club - Destiny Calling

It’s Swedish and I like it.

Mednezz vs. Stinger - Paradise (Bigroom Society Rmx Edit)

A good, but sad song.

Taking Back Sunday - Liar (It Takes One To Know One)

A very good song, that I’m liking more and more.

Cascada - Can’t Stop The Rain (Mainfield Hardspace Rmx Edit)

Cascada once again on the list.

Angels And Airwaves - The War

I listen to this song everyday on my way to school.

Paolo Ligorio - The Colors Of My Life (Original Mix Edit)

Pretty good song.

Banana Inc. - Club Kink (Tivoli Beats Club Mix)

Fun to listen to, but probably easily forgotten.


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