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This is just a test to see if the new service called BlogMailr works. Sign up on their website and you’ll be able to blog via any e-mail software on any device. Cool, ain’t it?


Published with BlogMailr

UPDATE: OK, so I’m pretty impressed with BlogMailr after having just published my first post using the service. I e-mailed the above post to an e-mail adress that had been generated for me and it went smoothly. But after finding out I could also use tags I was ecstatic. I did what the FAQ told me, but only got one tag published: “blog”… which wasn’t even one of the words I added (see at the top). That confuses me a bit. Oh, and it’d be nice if it was possible to choose categories somehow as well.

But still, it does seem promising and very cool if I could blog from my mobile phone.


Community Server Daily News : Community Server Daily News for Wednesday, November 8, 2006:

[…] Dennis Larsen is “ecstatic” that he can use tags in posting with BlogMailer to his WordPress blog, but there are some kinks in the WP-BlogMailr-Tag relationship as Dennis explains. […]

Ken @ BlogMailr:

Did you use Outlook to publish to your blog using BlogMailr? If so, I have an idea why only one tag came across… Outlook may have had a line break or some character mid sentence in its HTML that doesn’t normally get rendered, but enough to cause the tag list to get jumbled. If you have the original source of the message in your Sent Items, we’d love it if you could email it to use at (with the raw HTML attached, if possible). We’re continually working to make it better and hope to hear from you!

Daily News Faq List : Reddit:

[…] Reddit class=daily> from the editor occasional messages that don’t fit anywhere else We’re not turning the Community Server Daily News into the BlogMailr Daily News, but this is a pretty special day and we want to cover as many of the reactions and appearances of BlogMailr on the Net as we can.  We’re also adding a new BlogMailr News Section to catch the wave.  I guess we can’t mention “catch the wave” on this particular post-Election Wednesday without asking you to go out and vote for BlogMailr, you digg?  Reddit.  Netscape.  Digg.  Thanks! news of the day a grab bag for what’s happening in Community Server Keyvan Nayyeri with a new Community Server Developer’s Guide on using the Search APIs.  This guide is very useful to create your own searches for custom controls, display search results in different formats, or enable subscriptions to data based on custom search results.  C# .NET ASP Developer advertised at Jobserve for a 3-to-6 month project in England.  “Experience with Community Server is sought also!” The Community Server Daily News Crew has secret screenshots of CS News FAQ Posts for you in “CS News FAQ List: Maximization through Itemization.” Alabaster set the standard. Enter Beryl!  Beryl is the next CSModule package coming from the Community Server MVPs.  Keyvan announces and welcomes requests for module ideas to include in Beryl. blogmailr information and news about blogmailr There’s a lot of effort being put into supporting images and attachments with BlogMailr today.  Expect a new MetaBlogAPI drop soon.  Ken Robertson displays an image using BlogMailr, so we’re close.  Dan Bartels posts an image with BlogMailr as well.  Ken with additional thoughts about BlogMailr.  Ken is the Lead Developer for BlogMailr, so it’s interesting to get his thoughts about the product. Dennis Larsen is “ecstatic” that he can use tags in posting with BlogMailr to his WordPress blog, but there remain some kinks in the WP-BlogMailr-Tag relationship as Dennis explains. David Neal with ChristianASP.NET says “Telligent…you guys rock,” even though there’s a stray “>” displayed in the RSS feed of the post from it’s Word markup original format.  David promptly reported the issue on a BlogMailr Forums Thread and supplied the original post to Ken who tracked the issue down to </o:p> tags.  The fix should be in tonight’s updates.  Thanks, David! Scott Cate expects to be blogging much more with BlogMailr because “It’s not so much the technology that I’m excited about, it’s the fact that I live and breath in Outlook 90% of my day, so it’s my home base.” Brendan Tompkins posts to his blog from his gmail account. Mike P. tests “a seriously cool new application” with both image and tag support to his Community Server TechNet blog. Frank Arrington forwards an email with image and tag support to his MSDN blog. Rod Trent at says “BlogMailr works great!” Paul Glavich often forgets to add tags to his posts so he set up a new mail account in Outlook (using the appropriate mail account defined in blogmailr), called it Glavs Blog, and set the signature to always be his default tags. The Technovangelist in “Is more access a good thing?” says, “This is a very cool idea and of course I am going to take advantage of it. But I wonder how many more crap entries a tool like this will allow for. Is blogmailr a good thing???” The Technovangelist also points out that line breaks in his post occur when line breaks in his gmail mobile email client occur. Steven Smith uses BlogMailr with tag support to post to Phil Haack says “Telligent, the hyper-caffeinated people behind Community Server, have just released their latest online service, blogmailr.”  Good information here on BlogMailr security in a comment from Ken Robertson. Albert Pascual with a few tag-based features he’d like to see in BlogMailr. from the forums what users are talking about in Community Server Forums Mario is looking for a consultant or contractor to put the finishing touches on a Community Server site. Rick Reszler answers six questions of a new user looking at Community Server for the first time.  1) What is “Ink?” 2) URL feature?  3) Is there a Skin Gallery? 4) How to get a new blog to show up 5) Displaying blogs by group, and 6) Using instead of Haathi with a link to his article on installing Google Analytics. Super JMN had a problem editing posts in Spanish which he first reported on August 2nd.  He posted to the thread earlier today that installing the CS 2.1 Service Pack 1 solved the problem! Here are screenshots containing examples of all existing Community Server Reports. codesmith what’s happening today in the world of CodeSmith What a day!  Eric J. Smith officially announces the release of CodeSmith 4.0 at the Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas.   Published Wednesday, November 08, 2006 2:20 PM by daveburke […]

Daily News Faq List : Dennis Larsen is ecstatic that he can use tags in posting with BlogMailr to his WordPress blog:

[…] Dennis Larsen is ecstatic that he can use tags in posting with BlogMailr to his WordPress blog Dennis Larsen is “ecstatic” that he can use tags in posting with BlogMailr to his WordPress blog, but there remain some kinks in the WP-BlogMailr-Tag relationship as Dennis explains. Published Wednesday, November 08, 2006 5:20 PM by daveburke […]

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