Yay, Lifestream Baby!

Thanks to Gunnar and all of you who offered me your help in setting up my very own Lifestream page.
From there you’ll be able to see what music I listen to, what I digg, when I update this blog and basically what I’m doing right now.
And also thanks to Chris of course, for creating […]


Frustrated With My Own Inabilities

Why do I expect this blog to be perfect?! I know it’s not, it really isn’t. But it seems like everything I do in life has to be perfect or I will punish myself. It has been that way since forever and that’s the reason why I have such a hard time doing anything. […]


What I’m Listening To #23

I’ve collected the entire “What I’m Listening To” series in my new section called “Music“, which can also be found above in the header.
Interphace - Para El Frente
Serves as the song that gets me pumped for school these days.

Freeloader - Come Dance With Me
A “Norwegian trance act” according to Wikipedia. This song really moves me. […]

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Superman On The Job!

Some student at our school (University of Michigan) dressed up as Superman, went into a class, answered his ringing cell phone, tore off his clothes to reveal his uniform, and ran out of the room. Classically hilarious!
The exit he makes is beyond funny! I can’t stop watching it. :-P

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More Designs

Today I finished writing and designing my application that I have to hand in Friday if I have any intentions of becoming a media graphic designer. This is something I really wanna be.
Click the images below to see a larger version.

I also did two headers for this blog, but I probably won’t end up […]

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The Gravity Chair

Further proving you don’t have to be in orbit to be weightless, the Gravity Chair from Norwegian baby products maker Stokke can sit upright as an office chair, function as a rocker, and lean way back for that serious contemplation your boss told you to stop doing.
Check it out over here.
Just a warning though: […]

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Spiderman 3 Case Mod

This… is cool.

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Leet Speak - An Underground Potentially Dangerous Code

Watch this and be prepared to laugh your ass off. I mean wtf… how can parents know that little? They even have cyber detectives surveilling this “code”. Funny stuff on an otherwise boring Monday.

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Ghosts Are Cool

I know this video is fake… I think… but I wanna believe dammit! Fast forward to 4 minutes and you’ll see the fun part. Very well executed although the parts where the ghost enters and the camera acts all weird was a bit cheesy I guess.
(Oh and I was seriously scared to death by […]


The History of Pop Music in 4 Chords.

So many songs, so few chords.
This guy shows how little variety there is in some really popular songs that should sound familiar. Oh and he sings really well. The songs range from The Calling “Wherever You Will Go” to Elton John’s romantic song on Lion King, whose title slips my mind.

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