What I’m Listening To #21

Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny

Jack Black is back! And I love this new song.

Plus 44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating

A pretty good song from this band formed by Blink 182 members Mark Hoppus (bass and vocals) and Travis Barker (drums and keyboards).

Control X - Overcome Passion (Radio Edit)

Cool and different song.

Patrick Bunton - Young Birds (Club Mix Edit)

A short (2:08!), but good song.

Sunrise Avenue - Romeo

I love this song!

Dropping Daylight - Tell Me

Wow, I love this song as well! Dropping Daylight is a piano-based rock band according to their MySpace page.

Njoy - Tacy Sami (D-Tune Remix)

Can’t really describe this song, but obviously I like it, if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be here.

Cascada - One More Night (Dan Winter Remix)

Wow, I often have Cascada songs here.

Meck feat. Leo Sayer - Thunder In My Heart Again

It’s actually a rather old release (February), but I didn’t like it the first time I heard it, forgot about it, and fast forward to now and I like it.

Roger Sanchez - Lost (Martin Chaste Radio Remix)

A sad song, but it’s very good. Beautiful.

More coming soon!



Recently, my poor HD failed on me so I’ve been missing a lot of the blogs I like to visit. Which means tons of entries and other random net activities I gotta catch up.

Anyway, so how do you normally get your wide range of music for blogging?


Sorry to hear that, must be annoying as h… :-/

Well if you like the dance songs I usually have here I’d suggest this site: http://uk.hitsurf.dk/

If you’re more into rock go here: http://modernrock.com/charts/

As for downloading the songs, well then as you probably know there’s a whole lotta programs out there..

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