What I’m Listening To #20

I’m going to this Halloween party Friday (if I recover from the sore throat!) and as always I bring a few CDs for the occasion. This is usually how I do it: one CD is from the last party I went to, unless it’s too long ago obviously, and then I make a CD with rock songs and another with dance/trance songs. Below are some of the songs:

Kim Wilde - You Came 2006

A very good song, I really like it… gets me in a good mood, so let’s start off with that one shall we? :-)

Basic Element - I’ll Never Let You Know (Original Version)

It’s sweet and Swedish.

Red DJ - Dance Is My Love (Dograts Remix)

A song that has really grown on me. I like it tremendously now.

Krid P - Banghra (Original Mix)

Such a kickass song! Gets my adrenaline pumping.

Cascada - Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix Edit)

Man, I see Rob Mayth everywhere now! Not that I mind though, he’s doing incredible stuff.

Cascada - Ready For Love (Italobrothers New Vox Remix Edit)

Cascada + Italobrothers = <3

Gabry Ponte - When I Will Be Famous

Sort of a good song. I’ve included the part I like. I hate the constant “When I Will Be Famous”.

Deepforces - Shell Shokk (Original Mix Edit)

Not really any vocals in this one, but what it does, it does good.

Aspyr - Back 4 You (Heartstyle Edit)

I don’t like the vocal, but the melody is good.

Soccx - From Dusk Till Dawn (Get The Party Started)

A new girl group from Germany.

Twister - Time 4 Dance (Radio Edit)

Italo rules, what more can I say?

DCX - Flying High 2006 (D-Tune Remix)

Good song.



hahaha, me and my sis wrote from dusk to dawn! listen to her new stuff on myspace!



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