My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance is back with a new album. I remember watching the music video for “Helena” and really loving it and watching it over and over a while ago, but this album is something entirely new and different from what they’ve done before. You’ve probably already heard their single called “Welcome To The Black Parade” (really good music video by the way) but I’m not really sure what their next single will be. One thing I’ve noticed while listening to The Black Parade again and again is that I’m not exactly sure yet how the songs work on their own, but as a concept album it’s fantastic. As a whole this album is simply a stroke of genius, which I’ll be listening a lot more to.

The Black Parade is a concept album, and tells the story of a man known only as The Patient, a victim of cancer. The album starts with the Patient’s death, spends its midsection ruminating on the life he left behind, and ends with his good-byes.

- from a review on Amazon


The first song on the album and also my favorite on the album. Very upbeat.

The Sharpest Lives

Very good and I like the chorus.

I Don’t Love You

One of the better songs and also very sad as the title implies.


The saddest song on the album.


An awesome song, epic almost.

Famous Last Words

The perfect way to end the album.


1. “The End” - 1:52
2. “Dead!” - 3:15
3. “This Is How I Disappear” - 3:59
4. “The Sharpest Lives” - 3:20
5. “Welcome To The Black Parade” – 5:11
6. “I Don’t Love You” - 3:58
7. “House of Wolves” - 3:04
8. “Cancer” - 2:22
9. “Mama” - 4:39
10. “Sleep” - 4:43
11. “Teenagers” - 2:41
12. “Disenchanted” - 4:55
13. “Famous Last Words” - 4:59
14. “Blood” [Hidden Track] - 2:53


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