New Design

Someone out there (who am I talking to?) may have noticed that I have a new design on the site. I eventually got really sick and tired of the default K2 look and feel. So, I decided to try on a new style and see how it felt. I chose PRM 1.6, which began to feel just right after only tweaking a few things here and there unlike almost every other style I’ve tried.

I liked the colors of the old design and may return to those someday, but right now I’m content with this new design, which I think is a bit more.. fresh I guess you could say.

I’ve reintroduced Sweet Titles, which is that nice effect you get when hovering over links as shown above. I still need to figure out why they won’t work on page 2, 3 and so on. It’s a bit embarrasing since I also faced this problem the last time I had Sweet Titles installed, but eventually solved it.

One of the things I’m really satisfied with is the footer I’ve designed. Scroll down this page to have a look. The excellent web 2.0 icons were downloaded from here.

I’ve also added a new thing in the sidebar (but also removed others to keep it from getting cluttered), which I’m calling “Current Things”. It’s simply a small list of things (books, movies, websites, whatever) I either really like or hate right now.

And that’s it basically.

Here is the end result: (well you could also just have a look around on the site)



Not bad on the new design. It’s got a refreshing-light feel to it. So why the tree though? Do you have any personal reasons what it is suppose to represent?


Thanks a lot, I did my best. :-) I’m still very new at it though, so I’ll try and improve on it as much as possible. But light and refreshing were some of the things I was going for actually and I think it came out alright.

About the header. I wouldn’t actually say it’s quite done yet, I just wanted to add something now that fitted with the rest of the blog. I’ll probably soon add something that’ll represent this “journey” of life I’m on, which should make sense once you see it. ;-)

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