Teen Commits Suicide, Leaves Parents With “Cryptic Message”

OK, I know this is tragic and a terrible thing that has happened and I feel sorry for his parents. When all that is said and done, I simply can’t stop laughing at this story!

Teenage Suicide; Cryptic Signature Leave Authorities Guessing.
Miami, FL.
Trent Boozle.

A suicide note left by a troubled South Florida teen has sparked a extensive investigation into the meaning or identity of “kthxbai”.

The parents of the teen have expressed nothing but puzzlement at the bizarre signature supposedly left by their son of seventeen years. “[our son] was always a good kid.” The boys mother said during an interview, “though he did spend all of his time sitting at his computer”.

The case, which was originally concluded to be an obvious suicide, has recently been re-opened after the parents demanded a more in-depth investigation considering the seemingly random group of letters the teen used to sign his final farewell.

“At first we thought it was some kind of ‘word jumble’ our boy left us in his final farewell”, said the boys father, “We spent two weeks trying to figure it out, but it led us no where.”

Extensive Investigation
The Miami Police Dept. have enlisted the assistance of their computer crimes task force to find out if there is more to this situation than a standard suicide.

“This is one of the harder tasks that we’ve dealt with here, simply because the only person who knows
what these letters, [kthxbai], mean has taken this knowledge to the grave”, states Felicia Reven, lead detective of the Computer Crimes Task Force in Miami.

Currently, the Miami P.D. has five Detectives from the Computer Crime Task Force utilizing the majority of their high-tech machines to track down and decipher the ‘code’, and they estimate that it could take up to six weeks before they see any results.

For now, authorities are asking that anyone with any knowledge about the meaning or identity of “kthxbai” to please come forward. Any information on the case can be direct to the Miami Police Dept. Computer Crimes Unit by clicking Here.



Obviously fake, but funny none the less.


Where’s the source?


Yeah, well I feel stupid now. I guess it really is fake..


kthxbai…. = okay thanks bye.. its a stupid teenage intrnet slang phrase, much like “rofl” and “lmao”


kthxbai –> its msn lingo.. slang in other words.. okay thanks bye

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