What I’m Listening To #18

Bee J - Shake It

It’s Danish and it rocks! I REALLY dig this song.

AFI - Love Like Winter

A very nice song and I think I gotta say that it’s just as good, if not better than “Miss Murder”.

Saosin - You’re Not Alone

This is my favorite song from their self-titled album. Very sad and very good.

Lacuna - Celebrate The Summer 2006 (Rob Mayth Remix Edit)

I remember listening to the original “Celebrate The Summer” during the summer of 2005 I think. Or was it the year before that? I don’t really remember, but I liked it. And this time Rob Mayth does it again - his remixes kick ass!

Lindsay Lohan - Rumors

Ahem… don’t really care for her music, but this one is pretty good. Moooving on…

The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight

I haven’t found a song by this band that’s quite as good as “Move Along”, but I like this one and also “Top Of The World”.

Muse - Starlight

There’s actually only three songs I like from this band. “New Born”, “Time Is Running Out” and this one. But I don’t really mind, because they are damn good.


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