What I’m Listening To #17

Brooke Hogan - About Us (Up in My Bizness Radio Mix)

As always I’m putting my favorite song of the bunch on top. I really dig this remix and it puts me in a good mood, because the beat and the vocal just sound really good together. Much better than the original song, which I just listened to five minutes ago actually.

Domydee - La Regina Del Cuore (Radio Mix)

Wow, this song sounds unbelievably familiar, but I really like it. :-)

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

We’re a bit slower here in Denmark when it comes to bands like this. My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco are not that big here (yet!). Well it’s not as much slow, as it’s not really the type of bands to make it big here, but I really prefer them to much of the rap and R’n'B bullshit out there. Anyway, I saw MCR playing this song live on TV and thought it was very disappointing, but after listening to a radio version it’s actually really good. Starts off slow, but later on kicks into a very cool song. There’s something Christmasy about the guitar though, or maybe that’s just me.

Evermore - Running

I’ve previously had a song up from New Zealand-based Evermore (featured on The OC), but I think I like this song even better. Sounds a lot like the Danish band Mew in some places. Not as depressing though.

Pinball - Your Touch (Pulsedriver Remix)

Gotta love Pulsedriver and I’m pretty sure I like another song by Pinball, just can’t remember the name.

The Panic Channel - Why Cry

Such a radio friendly rock song. Very relaxing in some way, I like it lot.

Saosin - Voices

I don’t think this band is that well known. I love their song called “I Can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier”, which I used to listen to a lot over a year ago or something and this song is also very good. A “post-hardcore” band according to Wikipedia.

Luca Benassi - Non So Che Darei (Radio Edit)

I always need to have at least one song from Italy on my list, I’m really into them.

Lily Allen - Littlest Things

OK, I did NOT like her “Smile” song, but I think song is pretty good and not as annoying.


Daniel Hollister:

Nice list.

Saosin are actually really big in the US.


Thanks for correcting me, I had a feeling that might be the case..

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