The Killers - Sam’s Town [2006]

I liked The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me”, I thought the song “On Top” kicked ass and to this date I’m still in love with the song “Mr. Brightside”. But those three songs aside I wasn’t particular crazy about their 2004 album Hot Fuss. There were maybe two other songs I’d listen to from time to time and I hated that, it was a shame, because I really liked The Killers when they were at their best.

When I first heard the single “When You Were Young” from their upcoming album Sam’s Town, I thought it was pretty good. Listening to it again - very good. Listening to it again - AWESOME! I love the song and I’m sad to say I probably think it’s the best song on the album. But below are some other I enjoy and REALLY like, if not love already.

Bling (Confessions Of A King)

My favorite song along with “When You Were Young”, but most people who know who The Killers are, have probably listening to that track. “Bling” is a really good song in my opinion and I liked it during my first listen.


From what I can understand this will be the next single and all I can say is that I’m not sure I agree with that choice. While WYWY was a perfect choice as a first single, I wouldn’t choose this one as the second. NOT to say that the song is not good, but I think that other songs would be better.

Read My Mind

A nice and quiet track that reminds me a lot of the band Bloc Party, which I also love.

This River Is Wild

One of the better songs.

My List

The first minute of the song is pretty boring, but later on it gets pretty good.

For Reasons Unknown

Another good song.

Sam’s Town

Before listening to the songs I was sure that this song would be the next single, but there are better ones on the album.

UPDATE: Changed my rating from 4 to 3.5. It just feels like the right rating.


Please, Don't Be Shy