New School - Week 2

Tomorrow is Friday and we’ll have some sort of evaluation all day I think. Should be a quick day hopefully. This week has been all about trying out the different possibilities and workshops at the school.

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Monday - Design

Our job as a group was to make a poster about the town. Below is the title I did in Photoshop.

Tuesday - Multimedia

1) Make a personal page.

2) Write a personal letter to our teacher. I’ve blurred out most of it, but the overall feel and look should still be there.

Wednesday - Web Integrator

We had to more or less create a website from scratch using DreamWeaver MX 2004, which I wasn’t familiar with. Needless to say I wasn’t really satisfied with what I accomplished, but it was still nice to try out.

I created the header above using this and this image and just blending them together and on top of that adding some orange to the picture.

Thursday - 3D

By the end of the day we had to take a screenshot of a chair we made using Maya. I could’ve added more detail and have made the chair less.. boring, but I must admit that I was pretty tired so I kept the working pace at a minimum. Well it wasn’t so much a slow pace as surfing Digg. :-P

Anyway I managed to make a half-assed cinema out of it showing Sin City, which is just a completely and utterly amazing movie by the way. Definitely not the last time I’ve worked in Maya.


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