Just Bought The 2nd Generation iPod Nano

So Apple shipped my iPod Nano (silver) today and now I can’t think about anything besides it arriving here. I bought the 4GB version (1000 songs) even though I realize most people will probably buy the 8GB version, but I figured I won’t need 2000 songs anyway. Wait, let me rephrase that: I KNOW I won’t need that many songs on my iPod at the same time. I’m used to just 50+ songs on my current MP3 player, which I bought back in June of 2004, so it will definitely be an overwhelming upgrade no matter what.

I’m basically broke now, but somehow I don’t really care. I’ll finally have an iPod Nano! I’m pretty happy I decided to wait when they launched the 1st generation iPod Nano. The pictures that I saw of how easily it would scratch were pretty distubing honestly. I’m really happy they improved on that and the longer battery life - from 14 to 24 hours, which is just insane. ARGH! Arrive already!

UPDATE: Received it 2 days ago and what a beauty! I mean holy shit, I don’t care how much money I spent on it.. it was more than worth it.


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