What I’m Listening To #15

David Guetta vs. The Egg - Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walking Away)

Freaking amazing song.

N-Euro - Lover On The Line

OK, I hate it when he says “Lover on the line”, but that aside I like the melody and guitar a lot.

Lucas Prata - And She Said

A happy dance song.

The Loft - Pussycat Lounge

A Danish group from the town I live in! Even though this song isn’t my favorite it’s still pretty good.

Dj Yan vs. Dub Deluxe - Sex On Sax

Reminds me a lot of “Calabria”, which is a good thing.

Kill Hannah - Lips Like Morphine

A good rock song from this Chicago, Illinois-based band.

Dario G - Ring Of Fire

The melody sounds familiar. Reminds me a lot of Danish Safri Duo.

Lynn - Are You Online

OK, this is admittedly a bit too pop-ish for me, but it’s still alright.

10 Years - Waking Up

This band, which is from Knoxville, Tennessee, sounds pretty good to me.


Daniel Hollister:

Haha. And once again, I go scrambling to iTunes for some of your awesome music selections. How do you find out about all these diverse groups?


Glad to hear it. ;-)

Hmm, I use a few sites (mostly Danish) but I think the one you’ll find most useful is the following one. The link is to the English version of the site.


But that’s mostly for dance/trance songs.

For rock I suggest this site:

Modern Rock Chart

But that’s not all of course. I also have a few more places, but not that comfortable talking about that here…

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