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I’m a bit behind posting some stuff to the site. Mainly because I just started going to a new school (more on that soon) so I’ve been feeling a bit lazy. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about right now. So many emotions went through me when I heard that Neon Genesis Evangelion was making its return after more than a decade. Then I found out that the one and only Hideaki Anno will be the director and immediately felt more comfortable. I’m not the kind of guy, who thinks that something new added to a classic like Evangelion, will end up destroying my perfect image of my beloved show. If it sucks, then it sucks. It’s as simple as that. I’m a ridiculously huge fan of Evangelion and nothing, NOTHING I tell you, can ever mess with that. It’ll always be my favorite.

“Evangelion Shin Gekijou Ban” as the film series will be called will consist of 4 parts.

Here’s a translation of (some of it anyway) the article on Evangelion in the September NewType magazine:

The scenario of the 1st part will be written by Hideaki Anno with storyboard by Shinji Higuchi. Key points of a supposed interview which may or may not appear in the forthcoming edition of Newtype attributed to Toshimichi Ohtsuki of King Records have also been circulating. According to that information:
-The content is quite different though the time base of the story is the same as the original TV series.
- It will be a remake, however, it is not a re-creation but a “new work”.
- The approach will be different than what Tomino-san did with the Gundam Z New Translation films, there will apparantly be a large amount of new material.
- Even if the TV series has not be seen, the viewer will be able to enjoy it. Though the content becomes easy, it is not redundant to those already familiar with the series.
- The technique that purposely scatters difficult words and phrases will not be used any longer.
- As an antithesis to current animation industry segments. It is an attitude on the production side to pull the act in the age that started from Eva

The first movie will be released in theaters in Japan in 2007.

All in all from what I can understand, it will be easier to understand, which I guess… WILL take some of the fun out of it. I don’t like it when all the answers are given to you. That’s what makes Evangelion SO fun to watch: you discover something new every time; a new angle to the overall meaning of what’s going on. Oh yeah, and still can’t freaking wait for the live action version. Still can’t believe that WETA (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) will be working on it.


Mike the Ambassador:

Unbelievable isn’t it?

After all this time new Evangelion to grace the anime world. . .

. . .That is if it’s any good. Although that can’t be said because anything with Eva in it is good. Will be the best new Evangelion since the ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion: Human Salvation Project’ was made *Snickers*. Appreciated more for its art than its story.

Perhaps it will follow the eventual storyline but with a more ‘Angelic Days’ setting. That would be a whole new type of Evangelion much enjoyed by true hardcore fans.

While spreading Evangelion and incorperating it into Western Culture is tempting, it makes me wonder how much of the Japanese unique innuendo will be lost through this method. English names to replace the Japanese ones? American Locations? Removal of the religious suggestion? A ‘Evangelion LITE - Americanized’? I’d rather not see the day such an ugly mark is inflicted upon the greatest anime series ever. If it maintains its original Evangelion aspect which makes it so beautiful then I shall appreciate and appraise the work. While the above focus on the negatives, the positives are greater so ten fold. A classic hit mesmerizing the audience will cause a renissance of Evangelion and the revolutionary discovery of anime in America and Europe.

Long Live Evangelion.

Johnny Ignronce:


4 new eva movies?!! omg! excuse the swearing!


anyway, im like u comrade im a huge eva fan Im a evamonkey
ive gotten in fights over it some damn animefanboy say eva no good and stupid full metal chemist is better i love to piss em off and beat down with my boots! eva’s the best no queation

ok so are they gonna be for usa relase too i mean idunno and on that matter is mana gonna be there to??? mana is from the eva games ya know they did say that there was gonna be more characters god so many things i wanna know PLEASE anyone with info send it my email

eva’s the best anyone tell ya otherwise boot ‘em in the face


4 new EVA movies?
im a big fan of EVA series too
cant wait for them

Luke Schoen:

Ive Watched The Series Atleast 5 Times And The movies, ive lost count
Evangelion Is So Awsome Becasue It is so hard To understand.

You Get Pulled Along An absolutly cyco ride with no idea wats going on if i knew
from the start Who The bad guys really where and what was going on i would have been bored after episode 3.

I find all the religios dogma and japanese setting to be very intresting and i hope that this ‘rebuild’ wont dethrone The Greatest anime series of ALL TIME!.

That said Eva has never let me down before, and if it does im nevergoing to stop watching the original series anyway.

mbile suit gundam unicorn:

This gundam serie is the most effective. I can’t overlook my 1st time watching Gundam Wing then know about Japanese mobile gundam. Hope to have far more good gundam serie in the future

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adore robots in normal, esp japanese gundam. Gundam is definitely a piece of arts, why do they appear so detail. Japanese are certain amazing.

pokemon white version:

adore robots in common, esp japanese gundam. Gundam is definitely a piece of arts, why do they appear so detail. Japanese are sure amazing.

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