New Version Of The “Numa Numa” Song

The picture to the left should ring a bell. If it doesn’t, then you need to be more on the Internet. A while ago I found out that Gary (the guy who we’ve all seen singing along to that O-Zone song) was working on a new project and signed up for the newsletter. (Don’t ask). And today I got this e-mail:

Former O-zone leader Dan Balan, producer/songwriter of Dragostea din Tei (aka “Numa Numa”), will be working with to release his new song, “Sugar Tunes Numa Numa”, under his new American rock band “Balan”. “Sugar Tunes Numa Numa” borrows from Dragostea din Tei’s melody line with a whole rock-and-roll makeover! The lyrics appropriately start out with, “It’s stuck in my mind, this melody line, Mai-a-heee, Mai-a-ha-ha!”. The song will be available for download only at and is set to be available the week of September 11th. In the meantime you can hear it at Dan Balan’s MySpace page:

I must say that I’m surprised to hear a rock version - pleasantly surprised that is! I actually think it’s pretty good and pretty annoying just like the original song we all love to hate. :-) It might not end up being as big as O-Zone’s original version, but I’d be surprised if this didn’t get at least SOME attention. Anyway once again.. go here to be one of the first to listen to the new numa song: Link.



I love the original DDT, and I really like the new version that Dan has made. However, after visiting, I feel like I’m going to be sick. I’m embarrassed for Mr. Bălan. This association is so beneath him. I hope he’s doing this pay off some medical bills, or put his sister through college - but somehow I doubt that is the reason.


First of all, Dan is a very good musician and I’m sure he could have “made it” in the U.S. without Gary’s help. However, since it is obvious that Gary helped Dan get exposure in the U.S. market, it’s only right that Dan does something nice for Gary. I mean, seriously, Gary’s band… ehh? I don’t think they’re making it. Anyway, Dan is the man, and I’m looking forward to his new album.


Yes, Dan is the man and prolly doesn’t need Gary’s help to make it. I just wish that the ppl behind this New Numa publicity stunt didn’t try to make this tenuous association btw Dan’s original Dragostea Din Tei/Numa Numa vid and this new vid. It is quite a stretch of the coattails. I’m obviously concerned that ppl in the US that have never heard of Dan or O-zone (and as you know, most haven’t heard of him) will get their first exposure to him through this inane promotion and consequently dismiss Dan as a hack. Heheee… and like you I’m waiting with baited breath for the new CD.


Im with u Erika the old numa numa vid from Gary was alright that how i found out about o-zone but now Gary thats to much time trying to make the vids funny or cool and they look flat out retarded And Tim dose have a point Dan could have made it without Garys help and now that i look this fourm is really old but o well ok im done :D


I love the clip for this song. It shows the sheer size and battiness of internet culture. I love it.


Personally i like O-zone and Mr. Bălan’s music however Dragostea Din Tei otherways known as the “numa numa song” were made famous the United States By Gary Brolsma. Hey man, you gotta give the guy credit for making that video ya kno, its pretty funny. I really don’t think that Bălan is being used nor do I think that. Both O-zone and Mr. Bălan’s music became known in the United States by some guy jammin’ to his favorite song face the facts man.
Grantedi may be a little late for the subject to be reopened but seriously.

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