Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin Dead

This morning I woke up to some VERY sad news. I read that Steve Irwin had died. Couldn’t believe my freakin’ eyes, but sure enough several sites reported the same. His passion for life and animals was heart-warming in my opinion. He will be missed!



Wayne Jnr:

I don’t like it alot coz he is a one person i would love to be and the passion for animals is amazing.
I have never known anyone like him throughout my life, although i have been watching his stuff since i was 6 yrs of age.
I will respect him till i die and he is number 1 in my eyes.
I will miss him incredibly and say i am sorry to Terry Irwin and her 2 children. I give them my love.

RIP Steve……. You will be missed by everyone.

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