Went Out The Other Night

Thursday I went to see Brooklyn Bounce with my girlfriend and later on we met up with a few friends to see Infernal. Both did an awesome job. I had a few beers and all in a great night. The town I live in has been getting some good artists here for the past two years, and both years have been awesome.. here’s to next year! :-)

Brooklyn Bounce - Sex, Bass And Rock ‘N’ Roll

I love Brooklyn Bounce. I’ve enjoyed their music ever since I listened to Bass, Beats & Melody back in 2000. Love this song as well, I really enjoy it when there’s a guitar mixed into a dance/trance song.

Infernal - Self Control

Infernal’s brand new cover song called Self Control.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add a few more song samples from these two groups.

Brooklyn Bounce


Club Bizarre

Kickin This Life


A To The B

Ten Miles From You



Daniel Hollister:

You always have great music picks. I’m always inclined to buy the songs you post because they’re so catchy. I just did buy the Brooklyn Bounce song off iTMS. That Infernal song is extremely catchy, but it’s not on iTunes. :(


Thanks a lot for the kind words, I really appreciate it. :-) No really, I mean it can get a bit lonely bloggin sometimes if there’s no feedback..

Unfortunately I don’t think that that Infernal song has been released in many places yet. Let’s just leave it at that. ;-)

Anyway, I’m surprised that you listen to this kind of music, didn’t think Americans cared for this stuff.

Oh yeah, and updated the entry with a few more samples. You might just find something you like there..

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