The Colbert Report

I’m in awe. I simply can’t get over how good and fun The Colbert Report is and I don’t even care for politics at all. I’ve watched the first season (32 episodes) in, like 2 or 3 sittings and I can’t get enough! I guess I keep watching because of Stephen himself, since the character he’s playing is so well done. He’s SO funny and SO American it cracks me up.

Two things you need to get into the show:

Checking out the #1 fansite out there. (Colbert Nation)

And of course watch the show itself: (kindly uploaded by rayato. 1st episode here.)

Just watch the first episode and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean..


Daniel Hollister:

Haha. The Colbert Report is great. So hilarious.

Just out of curiosity, what do you (or people you know in Denmark I guess?) think of Americans? Not trying to argue or anything. I just found your statement about Colbert being “so American” kind of interesting, since I hear most people hate America. Haha. As an American, I’m curious as to how you feel about this. I don’t know anyone like Colbert, even us Americans laugh at him because of how over-the-top he is.


Indeed, best show I’ve seen in a while.

Well, I don’t have anything against Americans just so we’re clear. In fact I’ve been fighting for my right to write American English when I had to turn in papers in school instead of British English, which we are taught here.

I don’t particularly like your president though and a lot of people here feel that way (surprise!), but can’t do much about that hehe. I guess the main difference between Danish people and Americans is that you’re more patriotic (Stephen Colbert, although over the top as you said) and to some, can come across as a bit arrogant.

Daniel Hollister:

I don’t think anyone likes our president. We don’t either. Haha. Same goes for the overly patriotic crowd. It’s not the majority of Americans who feel that way, but they just tend to be the loudest. :)

Anyway, nice blog you have here. I enjoy reading it.

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