Green Street Hooligans

I really enjoyed Green Street. It’s one of those movies, where you are left with a good feeling as the credits roll. As I mentioned in the previous post, you really don’t have to like soccer in the slightest, which is a major plus in my opinion! Elijah Wood did a pretty good job, although it really was a challange at first not to imagine him a lot shorter with hairy feet, but in the end I really gotta say that he was very good. Anyway a thoroughly awesome movie from start to finish and I gotta admit, that it was nice how it reminded me of the good ol’ days when I was CRAZY about soccer and some of the matches I attended back then. I remember learning that going to those matches was not just about watching what went on on the field, it was also about bonding and drinking the beer that inevitably followed ( ;-) ) and just having a good time, and on that Sunday afternoon forget how boring the day after would be. Wow, just talking about it makes me wish I had appreciated it way more back then..

Unjustly expelled from Harvard when a stash of cocaine is found in his possession, Matt (Elijah Wood) moves to London to live with his sister and her husband Steve (Marc Warren.) He is quickly introduced to Steve’s chirpy, cock-sure younger brother Pete (Charlie Hunnam.) Initially, Pete is reluctant to get acquainted with Matt and allow him to tread around the capital city with him because he may be seen by others as an ‘outsider’, but after a heavy drinking session with him and his mates he quickly changes his opinion of him. On the way back from a football match, Matt is viciously accosted by a gang of Birmingham City thugs, until Pete and his friends step in and save him. It is from here that Matt learns the truth about Pete and his friends- they are football hooligans, operating the GSE (Green Street Elite) ‘firm.’ Initially afraid of the violence, Matt soon ends up becoming as desensitized to it as his new found friends- but as events roll on, suspicion, shocking revelations and unsettled scores combine to a devastating climax where London’s most fierce football rivals- Millwall and West Ham United- are set to go head to head.

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This movie looks really good! Thanks for recommending it. I think I’m actually going to rent it today.

richo 07:

luv the film.watched it 2 many times to remember


could u put some pics of swill on there gd film though


Loved this movie. Had to watch it twice to understand the accents though, but still it was a bloody good film!


Oh My god! isn’t this the best movie ever? I think everybody should see it. you just have to see it once and you’re sold! =D At first I saw it I was sold and I just had to bye it. watch it at leest once a week ;)


Amazing Film! I’ve watched it about 7 times in the space of a few days and Im not even bored one bit!
I had it on a copy dvd but Im so obsessed I had to buy the real thing to see the extra features! I love the film to bits & Im in love with leo gregory, He looks absolutely gorgeous in the whole film & he’s just amazing, “Bover” had an ace personality and makes me smile all the time. xD I wanted to send him some fan mail but I cant find an address ANYWHERE. Anybody know of it?

Babyy x






The film is just amazing. I love it because it reminds me of some of my friends I use to run around with when I was younger. But we were not as hardcore as the actors in Green Street of course. Bovver played by Leo Gregory is by far the best character because he is just fucking mental! And of course he is fit as fuck. I can’t find a fan mail address for him unfortunately but shit happens. afters ;) Add me on msn


hey dose ne one know where i can watch it over the internet ii wanna c it agen

NicolaGilchrist :)x:

Ahaaaaa :) . . Its Just Tha Bestest Mn :)
Ah Jus Love It So So Much, More Than Life


movie is awesome.i like hooligans,…im hangging out with them,and i date one.thats why i know the way of being hooligan.i saw all those fights like in the movie or my boyfriend had a fight,…and at the end bruises on his face,…but i get used to.
after all…everybody knows now,how is it to live life like a fan!!!


OOOOOOO MMMMMMMM GGGGGGGGG this Movi was soooooooooooooooooooooo goooooood i love eliza woods even thoughgt he is a homo
rent it wathct its GREAT


omg!! i jst love leo gregory! i wud marry him!! i swear i av watched da film ova 17 times! i jst love it! only cause of bovver! YUMMY!!!!!!! xx xx




This film is tha best thing ever! i luv it so much its unbelieveable =)
i know every word to it no jokes!
watched it so many times you cant even imagine!
im sorry, but there isnt another film IN THA WORLD that is betta than this one!


Caity ‘96 Ox.


green street holigans is for life!
it’s the best movie ever!
charlie hunnam is f*ching hot:D ahhaha
wel i come from holland so I go for i get troubles! byeeeee(K)


ehhh la peli muy wena ch…

es un gil de mierda el q no le gusto el film

yy….nada chau!!!!


Álvaro Ignacio:

united! united! united!

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