What I’m Listening To #11

The All American Rejects - Move Along

Love, love, LOVE this song. My current favorite song and the only rock song in this post.

DJ Roine - Ragnar

Sounds so much like Basshunter’s monsterhit “Boten Anna” it’s not even funny. Not as good either, but an ok song.

Basshunter - Strand Tylösand (Radio Edit)

Could be Basshunter’s next hit. Or maybe not. The song is about a beach in Sweden called Tylösand I think.

Verona - Girotondo

An awesome song that sounds hullava lot like something German ATB could have made, but this one is in Italian and it works fucking well. Love the song.

Backslash Vs. Dennis D. - Dancing In The Dark (Original Mix)

Finally a decent version of this awesome song. I loved the vocal from the first time I heard it in some fanmade video on YouTube, but the beat sounded so mid-90s it was excruciating to sit through.

Eu4ya - Sará Perché Ti Amo

This song will most definitely ring a bell if you’re from Denmark. It’s the Italian version of “Hvor Skal Vi Sove I Nat?” by Diskofil.

Rita Corleone - Ti Amo (Radio Edit)

Love the original version of “Ti Amo” ever since I saw it in one of those lame live action Asterix movies.



Love the Basshunter song. I am from America and can’t pronounce it or find anywhere to purchase a CD of theirs. I listen to neradio.sweden via the internet cause I

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