What I’m Listening To #9

DJ Carpi - The Power Of Pleasure

A nice dance song. I like how it starts out with a simple guitar.

Broder Daniel - When We Were Winning

I know Broder Daniel from the movie Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål), a Swedish movie. I loved their songs in that movie, but this song, which I found today on YouTube is my favorite now. I’ve been listening to it all day basically.

DJ Dean - Kick Da Bass

A nice remix of the Rocky theme song, which is great timing since the 6th movie will be out soon I think. I’ve included the best part of the song in the sample.

The Real Booty Babes - It’s A Fine Day

A remix of Danish Barcode Brother’s song of same name. This version is pretty good and sounds more 2006, which is good.

Danzel vs. DJ F.r.a.n.k. - My Arms Keep Missing You

Danzel is back with a new track. I loved his old Put Your Hands Up In The Air and Pump It Up songs. This one is pretty good as well.

Arash Feat. Trepleca & Rebeca - Temptation (Reggaeton Rmx)

Another reggaeton song.

B2K - Take It To The Floor

The song that plays during the excellent trailer for Take The Lead.


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