The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Episode 14

I usually write about the latest episode of Haruhi a few hours after the release every tuesday, but due to various reasons I’m doing it today over a week later. There’s been some problems with the site for instance, and I just haven’t had that much time, but here goes.

The final episode! It was so incredibly awesome! Without a doubt my second favorite anime and all the Evangelion (my no. 1 anime) homages were just too cool. It was a perfect way to end the anime and the level of detail was simply ridiculously good as usual. There’s just something about Haruhi. I’ve already watched every episode up ’till no. 9 twice, but I seriously wanna start watching from start to finish (this time in the order the episodes fit story-wise) soon.

I hope this isn’t the last I’ve seen of this anime.



It was an awesome ending wasn’t it? I wish I better understood the appreciation I have for this anime so that I could better guess what type of anime I would enjoy watching. Thanks for putting up the Japanese location pictures. It was pretty surreal seeing how much of the real world they managed to cram into the anime, perhaps it was an artistic attempt to mirror the themes in the story. LIkely not, but that would be cool.

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